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  • Conditions

    A Devon Rex should not be kept as a single cat and for that reason we will only place our kittens when they will have another cat friend to play and sleep with.
    Our kittens should be kept indoors and only be allowed to go outside in a secure garden (or balcony).

    When a litter is born we will first pick the ones that might be best for breeding, it may take some weeks before we can decide.

    Kittens may leave at the minimum age of 13 week, for selling abroad the age will be 15-16 weeks minimum! Please note that I do not sell pet kittens abroad unless it is within driving distance. We don't ship our kittens, but you are very welcome to come and pick up your kitten or in some cases I will be able to bring the kitten on buyers expence.

    Kittens will be vaccinated twice, dewormed and microchipped and with a Mundikat (FIFe) pedigree. Kittens are sold with a contract with restrictions.
    Our cats and kittens are fed with raw meat (compleet mix), Applaws dry food and grain free brands of wet food. Our kittens are weaned with raw meat.

    Health is our priority, our breeding cats are scanned regularly for HCM and are also tested for PKD and Patella Luxation. Our cattery is free of FIV and FeLV.
    We also work on an outcross program to add some new genes and more vitality and to lower the inbreeding. In the process we also hope to breed some cinnamons in the future! But this will be a multiple year plan and health will always come first.

    Every now and then we will have kittens available out of outcross combinations, we will also have straight coated kittens. The straight coated kittens will be sold for a lower amount.

    You can read more about outcross in this article of Cattery Boonland or in this article on Pawpeds.

    If you are interested in one of our kittens or future kitten (outcross or regular), please contact me and tell me a bit more about yourself!