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    In 2010 I started to add outcrosses in my breeding program. In this I also work together with Marjan Boonen of Boonland cattery. My first addition to the outcross program was Boonland’s Fred Flinstone, an outcross with a European shorthair. Of him we kept Jingle (Rextopia’s Jingle Bell) who recently had her second litter.
    In spring of 2010 I also asked approval at my association for an outcross with a British Shorthair cinnamon point, but unfortunately couldn’t proceed because Donna (Grizabella Donnatella) was mated by my own stud. A year later I asked approval again, this time with a gorgeous fawn colored British Shorthair. Of that combination, with many thanks to Cattery de Schaapskooi for letting me use her precious boy Max, we have kept Misty (Rextopia’s Misty Dawn). From this combination 2 other females had gone for breeding to foreign countries. Also Misty had a beatiful litter, of which Rolo (Rextopia’s Rolo Ice Cream) staid with us. Marjan Boonen imported Dingbats Cinnamon Spice (Devon Rex/Somali), a beautiful and sweet F1 female from Pam Dowling, Madcap cattery, New Zealand. She couldn’t cope well in Marjan's group and so she came to live with us temporary. Spice wasn’t the type of girl to live in a larger group of cats (she wasn't used to that either), but she did cope really well with my 2 boys. Eventually she had a gorgeous litter of 6 of which 5 curled kittens and 1 straight coated kitten. I luckily had the chance to keep a boy from this litter, named Haki (Boonland’s Haki). Another boy has moved to Finland for breeding.

    A bit earlier then planned, Misty had her second litter of Boonland's Haki, a unique and dare combination (F1 to F2 mating). Types were a bit different, but not that bad. We have kept a lovely cinnamon tabby mink boy (Rextopia's Taste of Cinnamon) for our further breeding program.

    Next to the outcrosses I also try to add new lines by importing unrelated bloodlines. I have imported cats from U.K., Sweden, USA and Germany (with also USA bloodlines) and I was able to exchange cats by cooperating with other breeders.

    Rextopia's Rip 'n Tip, F2


    Boonland's Fred Flinstone, F1